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Still At It

Still At It

Sep 16, 2009


Naw, man, I said bourbon on the roc…huh? Oh, what’s hapnin, peoples?  Just lettin ya’ll know that the big dog hasn’t forgotten about you.  Had a couple dope shows this past week and some change.  The Mountain Peeps show up in Denver (9/11/09) went real good, except for one thing. Remember when I said in the other post about the time coming when we might have to put hands on a club owner for welching on the dough? Yeah, yo, I didn’t expect it to come that fast. Fortunately he coughed up the dough, cause even the dude’s own staff had our back, not his.  But I won’t get into the details about that.  All in all, it was a good night. (check out photos from the night here) Good times…

I also had the privilege of once again performing with The Mystic Roots Band on Sunday 9/13/09. Those cats are some of the coolest dudes I’ve met since I decided to follow this crazy-ass dream of mine. They’re about halfway through their Back To School Tour, and if they’re in your town, and you like reggae, go check them out.

And something I wanna say.  I came to a realization:I’m done complaining about hip-hop.  Just like everyone else should be.  I mean, have you noticed that no one, and I mean no one, seems to be happy wth hip-hop?  The intellectuals say it’s gotten too dumb, the thugs say it’s too soft, the underground says it’s too commercial, the radio says it’s too weird, the eccentrics say it’s too boring, the women say it’s too misogynistic, the men say there’s too many songs for the women, etc, etc… Because of this, I’ve resolved to stop complaining about it.  Don’t get it twisted. Will I  still call out wack MC’s? of course, it’s in my blood.  Asking me to stop doing that is like asking a dog to meow.  But what I won’t do is feed into the black cloud that hip hop seemed to live under ever since Pac and Biggie died. I can’t listen to Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II or The Ecstatic or Nas’s Untitled and then say “hip-hop sucks” without feeling a bit over-melodramatic.  Whatever subgenre you like is out there; you just have to support it.  I mean, isn’t this what we wanted in the first place-enough diversity in hip-hop that anyone can find something they like? I’m still a firm believer in the concept that there’s enough room for everybody. There isn’t a single one of us who can dictate what hip-hop should be. Hell, that’s where we got our resolve from in the first place.  Remember when no one respected us, when they said it wasn’t music, just noise?  Marinate on that for a lil bit.


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